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Does anyone know a site where i can post amateur nude photos for free?
They are NOT of me! I repeat again...... They are NOT of me!!!! They are of someone i know and im highly pissed at her and have some photos of her i would like to share with the rest of the net. Thanks for any help.
There are a bunch of sites dedicated to what you're looking for.
Two of the more popular ones are: and

Keep in mind what Nudy Boy said though, you don't want to get in s**t over these, so be careful / anonymous if you proceed.
How can I find a model (female) for an amateur no nude photoshooting?
I'm an amateur photographer from Gloucestershire. How can I find a female model available for a paid photosession, without joining model sites?
UK Craigslist:

College/university, try putting an ad up or talking to an art teacher:

Facebook has a Gloucestershire Model Directory page.

ModelMayhem allows some limited searching, without having to actually join, and then you can look up the models via a search engine or their website to make contact
My girlfriend wants to strip for money, she has never danced before, will amateur night be fun 4 her?
She has never even been to s strip joint she just wants to start dancing nude and get paid for it. Its to pay off student loans and CC bills! Would she survive amateur night if she has never danced before? Ive never been to amateur night so I couldnt comment to her.
omg why would she do that, go to McDonalds and get a part time job! If I were u I would be sooo upset, hey she sounds like this one girl from the movie rent watch it with her she can be Mimi and you can be Roger you both will have AIDS and live happily ever after aww too cute <3
EDIT: wow I can't believe I got 3 thumbs down cause I said the truth way to be stupid people
Which site has pics of non-nude teens amateur?
I don't want pornography. I want to see legal photos.
For what you are asking, best choice is

It was recommended by a friend of mine. Great site.
Im an amateur photographer and just moved to L.A. is there any place or beach to take nude pictures?
I want to make sure that its legal or that I don't get in any trouble, also that the models don't have someone bothering them.
I do live in LA and gotta tell you that nobody is gonna let you shoot for $50. In a town that makes its living off of film, everybody is in on the game. Most of the beachfront homes are owned by celebrities and no way are they letting a guy with a camera on the property.

Go north up highway 1 and you can find secluded spots past Malibu.
Shoot there, shoot fast.
Where to find amateur models in Philippines interested in sexy/nude (not hardcore) photographic posing?
Will be visiting Philippines in Late Oct / Early Nov with my wife. She likes to pose for my camera in sexy/nude ways (definitely no hardcore). She (and I!) are keen for her to do some modelling with another girl and would like it to be with another filipina. But we are not sure where to start. We don't want to cause offence or embarrassment...........just have fun.
If people are awkward about responding, I'm happy to recieve email responses.
Thanks a lot!
Well, I think it's kind of sweet and romantic how open you and your wife are with your sexuality. Definitely nothing wrong with that. As for the models... I'm not really sure. Filipinos are known for being a bit prude.
Try the clubs or maybe you can even find an online group for sexually open filipinas. Just make sure they're legal or you might get in trouble..
I need girls for nude modelling - is it legal to approach people in the streets with offers of such work?
I am amateur photographer - need nude models - good pay - only photography. Do not wish to offend/break law.
What a sleazy idea! Probably legal ... but ask the wrong woman and you might sound like a Michael Jackson impersonator for a few hours after (meaning, of course, that she might kick you in the sack).

If you decide to do this, instead of advertising in newspapers like most legitimate photographers would ... please hire a guy to video tape the attempts! Might be worth watching on YouTube!
How would you feel if a friend how is a photographer asked you to pose nude?
One of the common questions asked by an amateur photographer wanting to start nude work is "where to get models?" One of the common answers is often to ask friends. Though I have been a semi-pro photographer for years I have avoided asking friends to pose nude out of concern for how they would feel about it, though some of them have asked me after seeing some of the work I have done with models. So, how would you feel if a friend who is a legitimate photographer asked you to pose?
Wow, I have no idea. I am not exactly model-quality, so it would be more of a character piece, I guess. LOL
I think it would be nice to be asked, though, especially if you already know the person does nude shots. I think if you just casually let them know you would like to shoot them and then just leave the topic alone, you are politely opening the door without forcing anything on them. They might get used to the idea or they might get a fit of the giggles - male or female - but they have to know people do get asked and I think even those who decline would be pleased you asked. Just ask them briefly and professionally, and preferrably not when there are a dozen other friends listening to tease them about it afterwards! If they decline or seem like they are uncertain, you can just let them know that you think they would be a great subject and leave it at that - if they change their mind, they will let you know and I would not keep bringing it up to them or it will feel like awkward.

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