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Ladies - How long those it take you to reach an orgasm? Serious and mature answers only.?
How long those it generally take you to reach an orgasm?

1. 15 - 20 Minutes
2. 20 - 30 Minutes
3. 30 - 40 Minutes
4. 40 Minutes or more.
Like another woman said, it really depends on what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. It also depends if I am in the mood from the beginning or not and how relaxed I am etc.

Obviously if I am going solo, I'm already turned on so it doesn't take anywhere close to fifteen minutes. I don't even think it takes five if I use my vibe. I can have several O's with my hubby within fifteen minutes depending on what he's doing to me and how ravenous I feel. Other elements, such as the risk of being caught (not that we do it in publc), the atmosphere, whether or not I've had any alcohol etc. also might affect it.
Question for mature women. Does your orgasm feel better through masturbation or through intercourse.?
I've heard that orgasm through intercourse is more fulfilling but would like to hear from you to confirm. If you have suggestions on how your man can make it better through intercourse feel free to give details.
Definitely through intercourse, by far. I can have an orgasm more quickly through masturbation, usually, but it isn't as satisfying.

Many women can only have orgasms with clitoral stimulation, so using positions that provide plenty of clitoral stimulation is best. Pulling far back and thrusting straight in is the least satisfying sex, in my opinion. It provides virtually no stimulation to the clitoris. I like the vaginal stimulation, too, but I need both to really enjoy myself.

You should look online to see where the clitoris is. It has the "tip" that everyone knows about, but it also splits off and runs down through each labia to the vagina. Putting pressure against the clitoris through the labia feels great when a woman is aroused. The clitoris swells and becomes firmer and more sensitive, similar to an erection. Some women find direct contact with the clitoris to be overstimulating. It can be far too sensitive. I am one of these women. I much prefer pressure through the labia or clitoral hood. Direct pressure causes discomfort and a stinging sensation. This will vary among women, though, so it wouldn't hurt to ask.

I find that I get bored with positions, speed, and rhythm fairly quickly and start to lose sensation. I prefer changing things up every couple of minutes. Especially the rhythm.

When I get close to orgasm, I sometimes like to slow down, but usually like to speed it up. As long as it's still deep so that I get my clitoral stimulation. I usually don't like long strokes (pulling it all the way out and in) at this point. I like to stay close. Rocking hips forward and back is nice.

Even if I'm not close to orgasm, I usually get there quickly when my man orgasms. That is the best, most intense part of sex for me. Sometimes I don't even care to orgasm and feel satisfied to please him.

The only time I like really fast sex is when I'm about to orgasm. The friction makes me lose a lot of sensation and I need more direct pressure.

These are just my experiences. What you need to do will depend on who you're with, so make sure you communicate with your partner. Pay attention to her responses during sex. You should be able to see the difference in her when you're doing something right.
How do I orgasm more than once (mature audience)?
Also, how long does the average orgasm last?
The sensitivity thing is just the way your body reacts to it. Try after you climax to leave the "button" (as i call it) alone for a few minutes, like you switch to him or just make out or something. I have this problem sometimes to, where it gets so sensitive its crippling. Sometimes that second one just wont come, and expecting it to in 5-10 minutes might be asking a bit much. But leaving the button alone for a minute might make it not as sensitive so you can keep going. Hope i helped.
Is there any reason someone will be prevented to have an orgasm? (mature people reply please)?
I know it can't be the please that stops me--I feel so wonderful like I want to explode (sorry for details, but I really doubt the pleasure part is the reason)
I mean, can you orgasm without knowing it?
Is any other reasons you wouldn't orgasm.
Please respond...
(I am a female asking this)
If you are stressing out about whether you will orgasm or not then that in itself will prevent you from orgasm.
Also for some people orgasms are a gentle glow - not a massive explosion of sensation. Also about 66% of women don't orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Take the time to discover your body yourself by masturbating and find what you like. This is often the best way to have your first orgasm. After that you can guide your partner.

When you orgasm you will know as quite soon after the sensation, you will feel too sensitive to be touched down there. That is a good guide as to whether you have orgasmed or not.

Hope this helps

When is the female body mature enough to have an orgasm?
I hear it starts around your late teens. I am curious. I'm 17 and never had one.
If you are unable to orgasm, then you are with the wrong guy! Any girl is able to orgasm.
Mature people only please!! How long should it take me to ejaculate and have an orgasm when I masturbate?
When I go fast, I can do it in 5 minutes, and sometimes less. But when I take my time, it can take up to a half-hour. What is the normal time, and what is most pleasurable for women during sex?
there are NO "Should" rules for jacking off and causing an orgasm or even ejaculating.

I honestly did not see "nurse's" answer - we were thinking on the same wave length.

You set your goals: there may be times you want to cùm fast; there may be times you want to "stretch" the session out; there may be times you want to ejaculate and experience an orgasm; then times you want to Orgasm WITHOUT ejaculating (multiple male orgasms).

Do men experience orgasm during pre-mature ejaculation?
Question 1) As the title question

Question 2)On average, a young adult man ( aged 18 to 30 ) will ejaculate under how many minutes if he is suffering from pre-mature ejaculation ?
1. yes. 2. Make that three minutes or less.
Only for mature: I recently found out that when I orgasm I 'squirt' and now happens with every orgasm.
I know it is strange...but I researched this and found that some women squirt during an intense orgasm. it is not urine but comes from a separate gland in the urethra. I do not particularly enjoy this, i think its embarrassing. Does anyone know how to stop this, or have had a similar experience?
Most men actually find this a BIG turn on. I have the same "issue", but my husband LOVES it. Especially when he's going down on me (sorry for that, but its true). It usually happens when you have an orgasm by getting your g-spot stimulated and have a pretty intense orgasm. Don't be embarassed by it!!! However, if you want to learn how to control it, practice (yes, masturbate) and see if you can. And if the person you're with thinks it's gross, then maybe he needs to grow up and find yourself a man who likes it!
Question about the female orgasm. be mature please.?
Iv always had a healthy sex life and iv gotten to what i thought was orgasm. But it wasn't until last night that i actually cummed. It even squirted (not trying to be gross. please be mature) Whats the difference? Is the female orgasm the same as a female cumming?
What exactly is female ***?
please answer maturely and if you are just going to say something negative please don't answer. I'm 19 years old. I experienced a completely different climax last night and im curious about it and if there is a difference.
Many women never squirt but get good orgasm. However sometimes they feel there is a difference while they are approaching orgasm, they have a peeing like sensation and when they reach orgasm they squirt. Squirting could be just wetting of the bed mattresses to a jet of colorless , odorless liquid ejecting out for some time. Squirting can happen in G-Spot orgasm.
Why cant i orgasm? mature answers only?
kay so im 9 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend seems to be enjoyin him self but i just cant orgasm. ive never bee able to reach one. n idk why. like i start to get there but then it goes away. what can i do differant to reach one?
Of course your boyfriend is enjoying himself-- he's a man and he's having sex. lol.

Here's the thing, men orgasm more easily because they're more focused on the physical sensation whereas women have a lot of mental stuff going on so he gets his before he gets you there and then he stops. I know plenty of men who would consider that a failure on his part. I also know a couple of women who have difficulty reaching orgasm with a man and can only do it on their own.

Note this: it's not 100% his job to make sure you have an orgasm. If you want to be sexually satisfied, you need to know what you NEED to BE sexually satisfied, make sense?

What you need to ask yourself is, have you ever had and orgasm, and if yes, what did it take to reach it? If no, you need to start masturbating before your tummy gets too big for you to be able to reach yourself and you need to LEARN what it takes for your body to achieve an orgasm.

Once you have identified that, you need to talk to your man and see if he's willing to help you (my guess would be that you just need a little extra foreplay, as is the case with many women who have this problem). If he's not and assuming he is the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with, you'll have to just do it yourself, or you can try getting yourself worked up (just shy of orgasm) BEFORE sex. That works like a charm for me ;)

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