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I always love to do oral sex to my wife so that I make sure that she reaches climax.?
But my wife never does it to me. I love oral sex rathar than xxxxing. But I feel it is important that she reaches climax. But only through oral sex it is possible. Any women who can comment on this? Out of 14 years of marriage I have not touched any other women, even though I my wife does not co-operate in sex in many things. Am I wrong?
respect her.
Me and my girlfriend have been together a year are truly in love is oral sex a sin?
we are both about to turn 18 and have been together just under a year and really are madly in love. is engaging in oral sex a sin? if its for the passion of love not lust?
well the bible says you have to be married before you have sex but do whatever you want so asked for your question yes it is a sin
What does it mean when your husbnd says Thank you and I love you after oral sex?
We have not been able to have regular sex because I have a bad back. This has gone on for over a year. We were drifting apart so to try to save the marriage, I have started doing oral sex. He is not one to say he enjoys it, so I have been telling him to let me know what feels good and what doesn't.
The comment I received was thank you and I love you, all said at the end.
It means "thank you for finding a way to show me physical love" and "I love you for making an effort to keep me happy." Many men do equate physical acts like sex, kissing, and hugs as an expression of love. So when you do this for him, he is trying to express how loved he feels back to you.
Theres no other way to say it , i love oral sex performed on me , male or female is that bi sexual ?
I had one three some before and i will never do it again . Im not attracted to females in any form . But when it comes to getting my box ate , i dont discriminate . So bi or not , what yal think ?
'Im not attracted to females in any form . But when it comes to getting my box ate...'

Your not bi, your just extremely horny. Think about it this way: Your not attracted to a girl as a person, you just want one part of this person.
Oral Love Poll: Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast?
LOL before and after
Why do married women love oral sex?
I kind of really like the old fashion love myself. My wife calls me the ten-minute man, but hey, she's 60 yrs old and age turns me off.
She is still hotter than a firecracker and wants me all the time and I wonder why?
B/c the vagina is less sensitive than the clit. Why do men like oral? I prefer both. I am surprised that you say age turns you off yet she is hotter than a firecracker. Maybe you need more foreplay focusing on her. Good luck.
I love receiving oral but my wife can't finish me, am I broken or is it her technique?
Receiving oral has been my thing for 14 years, the first 2 years of my sexual life was nothing but oral and it was at least once a day. My wife never gave oral before me and she never really practiced since she dislikes doing it. What are the odds that I can't get "off" on it because I haven't had it in 8 years? Do you think it might be her technique or do you think it's because I know she's not doing it because she wants to?
could be jsut because you know she doesnt like doing it... my husband doesnt enjoy sex when im not enjoying it, or when im just doing it for him...
How should I handle a relationship with a guy I love, but who doesn't love giving oral sex?
I was in a relationship with Reggie, it lasted 3 yrs. I got married to Jacques, it lasted for 6 yrs. Reggie and I are working again on a relationship, problem is he doesn't like giving oral sex. Although he didn't like it in our first relationship he still engaged in it. Now this time he is admit about not doing it. What should I do, it really is important to me? And yes I do love him. But I have to be honest with myself, I don't want to cheat. Thanks
Do you give as well as receive ?
Hi, look I have no idea how to say this , but I love oral sex , so my boyfriend but, the probl is my pubic ?
I can't stand the pain of waxing , and I hear that shaving
cause blackness in the area , is there any anesthetic ointement or something ?? Plz need ur advise,
i'm really concerned , thank you all.
Honey, if your man loves to give and you love to receive, then the least you can do for him is put up with a couple seconds of pain and get it waxed. Its so much smoother. Do you know what its like to run your tongue over stubble? Its like sand paper. Give him a treat and I'm sure he'll give you a nice one in return!

How can I get my wife of 13yrs (she's 37; I'm 36) and we have two guys, to love oral sex again?
I don't mean "giving" me oral. I mean letting me give "her" oral. She finds it repulsive and thinks I can give her bacterial infections and she just refuses. We enjoyed this activity quite a bit before the birth of our second guy, who is now 4yrs old.
Tell her that you wanna do it to make her happy... surely she will understand!!!

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