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When having sex, what is "water sports" ?
There are different activities you can do while having sex; 4play and so on. I've heard of "water sports" used in sexual activity, but this is my first time hearing of it & want to know what is it?
.Also known as the "Golden Shower"
Why do people like water sports (sexually) and Scat?
Im serious. This seems completely disgusting to me and very unhealthy. Im a germ phob. There has to some psychological reason someone would enjoy something like this. I serious would like to know where the sexual turn on is to have someone releive themselves on you. Just completely baffled.
I have NO IDEA. I don't even like to touch door handles in an office building/public bathroom...LOL, let alone let someone deficate on me. Now we all have something that turns us on that someone else may not agree with, but OMG! I always wonder how that comes up in a conversation the first time, "Honey, you know what would be really hot, if you took a big nasty dump on my chest, mmmmm sexy".........
Is it sexual assault if some random pours water down my exposed plumbers crack?
serious question lol. this was a very embarassing experience when i was in the city accidently sporting a big plumbers crack, people were laughing but some guy poured water from a bottle down my crack! i jumped right up, glared at him and ran away, but i was too humiliated to do anything more. he has no right to do that some young guy with his mates he was a dick head by the looks of it a creep
I have never had an actual stranger do something like that to me, but my friends have put stuff in my buttcrack a few times when it has hung out I usually laugh it off, but a total stranger? that is definatly sceavy......
Is it wrong to do things to your husband whilst he's sleeping?
My husband won't allow me to exercise my sexual wishes on him. I, like many others enjoy water sports. He thinks it's wrong and dirty. Should I teach him a lessen? I'm thinking of taking a dump on him whilst his sleeping
Yeah fart on his lip!
How come there are so many questions about pee being involved in sexual way?
Its too weird. I keep reading questions on here about water sports and woman that enjoy going potty in there own pants , and other sexual questions along the same lines. Why is it so common? What do you think , pee is not a turn on but I guess its fairly common if you run a search here on Yahoo Answers and find like 10 questions within minutes. I did some searching on the internet and it seems like its something lots of people enjoy doing. Anyone else sick of reading questions like this if you know what I am talking about. I know why I keep my daughter off of Y.A! Too many perverted people out there.
Because there are so many pissed off people out there!
Is it too weird that my Gay Boyfriend is a diaper-lover?
My younger boyfriend (21yo) likes to wear a diaper. He says it is a sexual turn-on for him. He doesn't mess in it, but sometimes he wets in it... on purpose. Then he wants me to change him. Which seems okay to me. I heard there are many adults who are diaper-lovers. Is this too wierd, or is it just a type of sexual play (eg: water sports) ?
it's just a type of sexual play ... it's a fetish ... there's lots of different fetishes ... it's not very common, but that doesn't make it any better or worse than a more comon fetish or a less common one. It's cool that you don't mind going along with him.
Lack of Sexual activity?
Sexual activity is something natural like air, food , water , music and sport. From my guyhood to my adult life I had a bad experience about relationship between my mother and my father until they have divorced. My mother went out of country when I was 13 and I still did not see her until today. Since she had left I was kind of straggling with my school because that was the only way to get ride of what I facing in my father house where I was facing many challenges and treated like an orphan. All my friend are married and have guys. Today , I have finished my school and have a great job but still single. But now here my qustion Is there anything wrong if at 30 Im still Verge .
It depends on the person, if your happy with your life, move on, if your not, make an effort and find a person to share your life with.
What's the best sports-related trash talk line you've heard?
Basketball, baseball, football (American or otherwise), boxing, water polo, hockey, underwater basket weaving, whatever. Just the best one you've heard. Just two requests, though -- I only want to hear clean ones, and ones that are actually trash talk (as opposed to stupid ethnic or sexual slurs, for example). Profanity makes weak trash talk and is only used by the lazy -- serious trash talkers rely on their wit.

Let's hear it! I need to learn some to use while I'm sitting in a dunking tank for an upcoming charity fundraiser, but don't restrict yourself to things I can use there... if it's good, post it up!
years ago when i was wrestling, i was pretty good, this guy told me, I'm not scared of you, and i told him "Fear doesnt have a dam thing to do with pain"
Is it true that 90 percent of people have the non-gential form of herpes?
Also could you contract oral or genital herpes from sharing sports drinks with your firends? I often do this when working out. How do you get tested for oral herpes---the kind almost everyone has. I have never had sexual contact with a girl before---not even kissing, but by sharing sports drinks, or by say getting a kiss from your mother or father when you were younger is it possible to get either type of herpes. I have a physcial tommorow, and just for the hell of it, I may ask my doctor to test me for herpes, because I find the disease disgusting, and that's why I abstain from sexual activities to aoid things like this, but when I heard you can contract it from non sexual activities---like sharing a water bottle or something of the sort it freaked me out, because I pride myself on being clean, and healthy in terms of STD's and such. I mean 90 percent of people---that's awful--am I most likely in 10 percent who doesn't have it given my lasck of sexual history? Should I ask my doc?
Yes. It is true.

Genital herpes is caused by herpes virus- HSV. HSV are of two types- HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 causes more of oral herpes and HSV 2 causes more of genital herpes. But HSV1 can also affect the genital area and cause herpes. Genital herpes is contacted by sexual contact. Any body who has genital herpes can pass on the virus tioo his/her partner through a cut in the skin or mucous membrane. if somebody has cold sores and performs oral sex, he/she can also transmit the virus and cause genital herpes in partner.

Once the virus enters the body, it multiplies rapidly. The herpes virus remains in the body and may either be active or inactive. During the active period the virus travels to the genital area and causes sores. During inactive period, it remains dormant in the body. When genital herpes is contacted virus shows the first episode of herpes and after that goes in to sleeping mode to recur again. Read more about that in symptoms.

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