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What was that old mtv show that was a teen drama? it wasnt daria, undressed or my so called life...?
plz help b/c i can t think of the show and it was like my favorite show that used to come on late at night. thank u so much for your help!!! <3
Was it "Live Through This"?

If not, Wikipedia has a whole slew of "Teen Dramas" listed that it could be....

Why do teens have to get undressed for a physical?
Well i just changed doctors and for the first time i actually had to change into a gown. I am only 14 but i thought it was stranged since i have never done it before.But i was wondering why i had to do it.
They cannot properly examine you with your clothes on.The doctor you had before obviously didn't care about doing a very thorough examination if he let you stay dressed.All the years I've had physicals from when I was a toddler till now,I've always had to get undressed down to my underwear.So it's not just teens.
How do i loose weight or get muscles on my chest, stomach, and arms?(teen boy)?
Im 13, 5.7" 140pounds i need some muscle i don't look fat just when i get undressed it shows im going swimming with my girlfriend this summer but i want to look skinny and have some what of muscle on my stomach and chest What Do I Do?
Great exercises for you would just be standard push ups and sit ups. Do about 5 sets of 25 about every 4 days and eat some good proteins and you should see some improvement. Also go and jog a couple of miles about 3 times a week. If you do this for the next 3 to 4 years you will have some really great upper body strength to start working out with weights.
I'm a teen who wants to be an actor, But is it unprofessional to go to an audition with your school uniform ?
I mean, the casting people have to know that we just came from school. And what if you use the train as your transportation, what time will you have to change your clothes. Your not in your car where you could just undress on the way. So is it unprofessional...
as a minor your parent has to fo with you to auditions. IF they wanted you for the part, you are unable to sign a contract by law until you are 18. Why couldn't you audition in your uniform? It is the performance that counts.
What do they do at teen girl physical?
hi i'm a 16 yr old girl and i have to get a physical for school soon and i was wondering what they would do? do i have to undress?
They'll probably just check your height and weight. Also, maybe your hearing and eyesight. I don't think they will check 'down there.' I'm not sure, though. You might have to change into a dress that the doctor might have for you, while the doctor is outside, so he or she can check your back bones and spine. Don't worry about it. If you feel uncomfortable, then maybe you can have your Mom in with you when you see the doctor.

Hope I helped.
Stepmother should get used to undress in front of new pre teen stepson?
I`married very recently. I have a nine year old son and now I also have a ten year old stepson who lives with me and my husband, his father. I`ve always get along well with my stepson and continue to do so. I never had any problem undressing to my underwear and be topless in front of my son and my stepson mother also used to do it. My stepson already entered my room when I was undressing, to talk to my son who was in there talking to me. I don´t want to treat the boys differently, and I know my stepson´s mother used to undress to her underwear in front of him, so I continued to undress to my underwear and took out my bra. I didn´t tell him to leave as my son was not leaving either but I was somewhat embarrassed because I´m not used to undress to just my panties in front of him. What would you do in this situation? Undress in front of the son but not in front of the stepson? Or just get used to undress in front of both?
Don't undress in front of either one!
Are there any teens at school who would make you have sex with them?
I was just wondering if there could be any teens at high school who would come up to you randomly and ask you to have sex with him/her. Teens who attempt to sexually harass you in many ways like touching you sex organs or any private part of the body. But this time I'm talking about people who would take you to the bathroom and undress you and start having sex with you at lunch time or anything like that in high school. Could there be any teen so mental like that? If there are any teens like that, which school could be the one for that to happen?
That's called rape. I'd punch the b*tch-a**-mother-f*cker who tries to get in my virgin pants.
Why is society blamed solely for the mistakes of an individual?
Please read fully before answering. And i'm putting this question here because it's more often that i see people blaming society for teens having sex and getting pregnant and drinking and everything.

I've seen a lot of questions about young teens having sex and becoming pregnant and drinking and doing drugs...all of these adult and sometimes illegal things. And then i look at the answers and i see some people blaming society for these things. While i do believe society can take some blame, most of it goes to the people involved in the act. Sure, guys and teens today are introduced to sex, drinking and drugs earlier than they should. We talk about it openly with not a lot of hold backs and then there's is the media talking about it. Songs and music videos, movies and some books portray these things as fun and interesting and it piques a teens curiosity and they want to do it.

But, they don't have to do it. We all have to remember that every person can make a choice. A teen can want to have sex or try alcohol but they always have the choice to say no. Girls and guys willingly undress themselves and climb into bed, they willingly bring a beer bottle to their mouths, they choose whether or not to put a condom on or use birth control. It's not like society is holding a gun to their head or a knife to their throat telling them to do these things.

So why are people so willing to just throw the blame on society and let that be that?
Society used to make things like sex, drugs, affairs, and cursing so taboo, that if one did one of these things, (sex before marriage, outside of marriage) they would have been embarrassed by misbehaving that badley. There's not the embarrassment or stigma that used to be on such things.

For instance, years ago, it was considered a horrible thing for a mother to work outside the home. The only women who worked outside the home either were teachers, or hookers. Teachers were replaced often, and at that time, often with 16 year old girls, because when a teacher married, she couldn't teach anymore.

Now, society not only sees working outside the home, but they see it as a necessity, and often setting good examples for girls to follow. The difference is, society now sees it that way.

I see confidence levels at an all-time low in young people now. Many times, it's because of there not being the stability in guys' lives that there used to be. Years ago, people didn't get divorces. They didn't have television and video games, and other distractions. They simply had each other to rely on. With confidence levels being so low, some young people (as well as older ones), are so easily being led into activities such as drug use, affairs, and sexual relationships, because they need something to tell them that their life is valuable to them. They just don't realize that it isn't the way to be. Overall acceptance of things makes doing bad seem easier, and sometimes seeming fun. We need to spend more time with our guys, and teens, and tell them how valuable they are, and that we have time to spend with them, not just watching TV together.
Drake Bell's Pants from Teen Choice Award Show??
Anyone know who makes those fall-themed/floral pants he wore to the ceremony?



god no and i suggest you don't get them unless everyone around u is blind.

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